In 2016 I met a lady called Christine who came to one of my portrait and boudoir make-over sessions as a result of seeing the rest of the women in her family grab their confidence back and shout it to the world. The sessions are designed to raise self esteem and confidence and are accessed by women of all ages, sizes, health abilities etc. It is often perceived that the most beautiful people in this world are the ones that have that unique courage to be themselves, but we don’t all possess this gift of self confidence . These sessions are designed to sprinkle a little fairy dust on everyday life, and allow us to see ourselves as our loved ones see us. Most importantly it’s about seeing yourself as you. Your Looking Glass Self. 

 Christine’s Granddaughter, Claire was one of my first ladies to embrace the boudoir and as a result she then recommended my service to several friends.Then one day she recommended the service to her Mum and Aunty. They both came together and they each had a make-over and photographic session.

A few months later I received a call from Debbie (Aunty) saying that her Mum needed my number because a friend of her Mums wanted a family shoot. So I gave Debbie my number for Christine to ring. A few days later I received a call from her Mum Christine , and I greeted her saying  “I understand your friend wants a family photo-shoot?”  What came next was a surprise to say the least.

Christine said … “That’s not really true, I told a white lie to get your telephone number as I have seen Debbie and Julie and Claire’s photographs and I thought if it’s good enough for my Granddaughter and Daughters , I want a boudoir make over too!”

So from then onwards in secret, we planned it all. On the day , she came to my home, laden down with lingerie and we laughed and laughed. She had a super make-over by  Natalie and  Christine then embraced the boudoir. We did some beautiful Portraits also and she was delighted.  Afterwards I printed out the photographs for Christine, so that she could surprise them all with them to open on Christmas Day.

Lets just say it was an absolute hit! Christine then also bought a photo-shoot for her daughter in law too as a gift! We’ve all laughed about the story saying there can’t be many more family members left for me to photograph, and it was then that Claire said what about Uncle Tony? ! Dudeoir ! Now there’s a new idea!

I’ve had several clients of all differing ages and many now in their 60’s and above. These sessions are certainly proving themselves as a feel good factor, and with further projects already being developed within the health arena, it goes to show that there’s no limitations to embracing your beauty.



“My name is Christine and I am now 77 years old. I decided that for a laugh I would have the boudoir shoot as both my beautiful gorgeous daughters and granddaughter had their photo shoot with Janey and were absolutely bowled over with the final results,they were the most stunning pictures . I had a lovely day being pampered by Natalie the make up fairy and felt really relaxed in Janey’s company.

I am so glad I did it as one of my daughters said of one of the pictures that I gave her for xmas was her favourite christmas present and both my favourite daughter Julie and granddaughter said  “good on you Mum / Nan “
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the reaction from my girls . I have also shown the photos to my friends in the Carr Lane Club who all said , if Janey can make me look like that ,then I’m booking too. It just goes to show you are never too old .”

Christine x


Claire  (Granddaughter)


“So after my own amazing experience with Janey, after a long battle with self confidence, I came out feeling lifted, confident, amazing and downright sexy! I’d told my mum what I was doing and inevitably it spread around pretty quickly. My Nan had said at the time, “I would’ve liked to have done something like that, though not in my bra as nobody wants to see this… ” my Mum said she’d have loved to have done it too but again that she’d never done it. It struck me just how many seemingly strong women had got so many inward confidence issues, bums too big, arms too flabby, too old, too much media battering making us feel like we’re somehow past it once we hit 21. I did a little cajoling with Mum, she had seen everything I went through with my inner demons and she absolutely should do this. She decided to talk my Aunty into it too, another beautiful woman in my family who needed the giggles, the amazing confidence that Janey somehow transfers to you in these sessions. So off they went, they had a fabulous time and laughed through it all. The three of us all with these beautiful pictures to remind us of the gorgeous people we are, inside and out. My Nan, not one to be overshadowed, had secretly booked a shoot with Janey that we didn’t know about at all. On Christmas day she presented us with a picture of me, my mum, my auntie and her, all in JKP boudoir pictures.

OMG! My Nan! Knowing what she’d said back before I’d even had mine done had taken me back. She had battled with her inner demons, just as much as I had, faced her fears and got on with it. The upshot was that she had this amazing experience and it’s proven that you genuinely can be any age, any size, any anything and come out of there beaming, glowing. I’m so very proud at what I started, my Mum and my Aunty I fully expected to embrace the experience and enjoy it. My Nan, I never ever expected her to put herself in that position. She genuinely has shocked me and made me so proud. My Nan, the matriarch of us all, the one who has done so much for all of us and drives us all mental, the strongest one of us all, put herself in the most amazing position (physically and mentally) and did this. It is with absolutely brilliant and I’m proud of my amazing women, my family.”

Claire x


Debbie  (Daughter)


“I have never really lacked confidence in myself socially but like most ladies of an age I don’t like having photos of myself.

I have hangups like everyone, the usual big bum upper arms how many chins? etc.
That was before I had a boudoir shoot with this lovely lady Janey Kay Photography .

We had such a laugh on the day of the shoot I went with my sister Julie.I didn’t tell anyone we were going and I didn’t think I would ever show the photos to anyone but they were fabulous .
I only contacted Janey one night for a laugh when I came home a bit tipsy and saw photos of my lovely niece on facebook but I’m so pleased I did .
Since then my mum plucked up the courage and had a secret session and surprised us all with a fabulous framed photo of me my sister niece and mum for xmas. It’s beautiful (so is my mum)
Thanks Janey”

Debbie  x


Julie (Daughter)


“In my younger days I was rather large , then I had 2 children and the weight ballooned.  I joined a slimming club and lost 5 stone which gave me more confidence than I’d ever had in my life . I retained my weight loss for most of my adulthood but then nearing 50 I had several issues , gall bladder problems ,tooth loss and the worse thing in any woman’s life the dreaded wrinkles and varicose veins in my legs ,which used to be my best feature. My middle age spread returned and I began to feel less and less attractive .

Then my daughter introduced me to the idea of a boudoir shoot with Janey Kay . It was the best confidence boost ever. Full of fun and laughs and totally at ease I stripped down to my essentials and started posing . Not sure I’d done the right thing , until the most beautiful pictures came back. I showed them to anyone and everyone and was in awe of myself.  I then volunteered for another shoot about self esteem and body confidence and what a great day I had , strutting my stuff with other like minded ladies . The results were probably even better than the first pictures because the confidence I had gained oozed out. I am so pleased I took the initial jump and went along to Janey .
Then to top it off at Christmas my mum came round and gave me a photograph that totally surprised me. It was a picture of me, my sister and my daughter all on one photo of our respective photoshoots but my mum was on it too!
She was so proud and my daughter and myself both said Mum / Nan thats ace . Good on you for having having the courage to do this. I have seen many of her pictures and they are gorgeous , just like my Mum is .”

Julie x


Make-Over Fairy Natalie:

“I started getting involved in the make-overs portrait and boudoir photo-shoots when Janey began them and I’ve never looked back since. we have a great friendship and work fabulously together and I believe this shows in every photo-shoot we have done. It’s such a joy to see these beautiful women, before and especially after, and their attitude towards themselves changes before our eyes! They love their bodies more, the confidence and the sass just oozes…and knowing I have a done a fantastic job making them over with hair and make-up, knowing that I have made those ladies feel fantastic using my skills, is one of the best feelings ever. I absolutely adore my work on these sessions.”

Natalie x ( )


Below is the group shot that Christine ( Nan) presented to each of her family members as a surprise to them on Christmas Day.

Thank you ladies for sharing your fabulous stories and your beauty.


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